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The Retreat Team

"Meet Jessica Cottrell, a seasoned trauma therapist and Breathworker, alongside Paula Rowe, a skilled world renowned Breathworker.  During the past six years,  JCF Violet Flame Enlightenment and Healing Center has brought together these two extraordinary individuals whom have worked together and have passionately dedicated themselves to helping individuals heal from their past traumas, overcome self-imposed limitations, and ultimately achieve self-actualization. 

With their combined expertise and unwavering commitment, Jessica and Paula have cultivated a safe and transformative environment where clients can embark on a profound healing journey. Their upcoming week long breathwork retreat will provide an ideal opportunity for individuals seeking inner healing and personal growth. Join them as they guide you towards unlocking your true potential and discovering the transformative power within

Our Teachers

Paula Rowe


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In 1992 Paula was certified through Leonard Orr, the founder of Rebirth

International, she traveled in and out of the country and assisted Leonard. She also trained with Sondra’s Rays Loving Relationship training program, where she became a very successful teacher, transformational coach and lecturer. Paula has continued to Breath clients privately and in groups. She created the Soul Awakening Project which was an awakening project as a result of her own awakening. Paula started her journey with the Breath, when after years of therapies and healing from a car accident, which wiped out parts of her memory. At the time she was an avid meditator, someone introduced her to read the first book on Rebirthing, (Rebirthing in the New Age) by Leonard and Sondra. She immediately decided to go to an event, this event was Sondra Rays Loving Relationship Training. Her first Rebirth session was a profound message from the Beings of Light. Taking this event as a sign to continue her journey. She found Breathworkers for the next 2 years, until her recovery of memory, went into recovering memories and those parts of her life which were so buried deeply inside, once this energy was released, she then Mastered water Breathing, and especially cold water.  This whole process freed up so much energy, that energy then became one beautiful creation after another. Today its now about Global Unified Breathing and teaching others how to Breath to be Free.

Jessica Cottrell MA LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor, Art Therapist, Trauma Specialist, Breathworker 

Jessica Cottrell is a highly skilled trauma therapist and breathworker at JCF Violet Flame Enlightenment and Healing Center. With a compassionate and patient approach, Jessica has been helping individuals overcome past traumas and transform their lives for over six years.  Specializing in guiding individuals on their spiritual journey towards healing personal trauma and clearing past karma. With a deep passion for empowering clients to live their best lives in the present moment, Jessica Cottrell offers a transformative breathwork retreat experience that fosters healing and personal growth. Drawing upon a unique blend of therapeutic techniques and spiritual practices, Jessica creates a safe and supportive environment for clients to explore and release emotional blockages. Through the power of intentional breathing, Jessica facilitates the journey towards freedom from personal limitations, empowering clients to embrace their authentic selves.

At this transformative weekend retreat, participants discover their true potential and become anchored in a high vibrational state. Whether you seek to release trauma, overcome past challenges, or simply tap into your highest self, Jessica is your compassionate guide and ally on this empowering spiritual path.

With Jessica's skillful guidance and expertise, you can unlock your inner strength, elevate your consciousness, and manifest a life of abundance and fulfillment. Take the first step towards self-actualization and join Jessica at the upcoming breathwork retreat for a profound and life-changing experience.

Transform your life, release personal limitations, and embrace a high-vibrational existence. Book your spot at the weekend breathwork retreat with Jessica today and embark on a journey towards lasting personal transformation.

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